November 23rd Our son YouRán is born
March 20th A splendid week in Sanya, at the isle Hainan.
The seafood is fresh, the cocos is refreshing.
Februar 16th Together we go to Nanjing - this trip will be 7 weeks.
Willie: 4 weeks of working and 3 weeks holiday
Le: 7 weeks holiday
Together with the family of Le we celebrate the Chinese Newyear, the start of the year of pig
Januar Willie goes for 1 week to Nanjing,
for some meetings in the factory.
May 28th A short trip to Xi'an
Le is traveling with him and will stay for 3 months. Willie has to go in april for another 7 weeks to Nanjing. 4 weeks working, followed by 3 weeks of holiday
April 18th Willie has to go to Nanjing, China, for work.
Februar 6th Le starts with the 'inburgeringscursus' (to become established)
October 12th We go to the city-hall of Oss
to request for the residents-document for Le.
October 4th After pakking a lot of material we are ready to leave
China and travel to our home in the Netherlands.
September 25/26th Celebration of our marriage with family and friends.
September 19th Married in Nanjing, China.
September 18th Weddingpictures are made.
August 3rd 1 year
July 6th We go together to the Consulate General of the Kingdom
of the Netherlands in Shanghai for the MVV-sticker. Before 5th of october Le must travel to the Netherlands.
May 11th Letter from the IND -
They give positive advice for the MVV of Le.
Februar 24th Le went to the Dutch consul in Shanghai
and applies for her MVV.
Januari 14th Le travels back to Nanjing.
December 17th Le arrives in the Netherlands for the first time.
  • Together we visited familie of Willie and friends of both.
  • We visited several places in western Europe: Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Oberhausen, Antwerpen, the seashore in Zeeland, etc.
October 12th Willie travels to Nanjing for a break with Le.
  • Together we visited familie of Le and some of her friends.
August 22th A week of holiday -
together with friends we visited Shanxi province. Here we have been in Taiyuan, Pingyao, Mt. Wutai, and more.
August 8th Bowling in Nanjing with friends.
2004 August 3rd We meet the first time at a dinner.
1969 April 25th Le was born.
1963 June 26th Willie was born.